Podiatrist Neeta Hasmukh, DPM

Neeta Hasmukh, DPM
Neeta Hasmukh, DPM

Neeta Hasmukh, DPM is a Podiatric Foot & Ankle Surgeon in San Antonio, TX. Dr. Hasmukh has 11 years of experience with special training and skill in diagnosing, treating, and preventing a wide range of foot and ankle disorders.

Dr. Hasmukh received a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Chemistry from Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX before attending medical school at Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, where she earned a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine in 2010. Dr. Hasmukh then completed her postgraduate training with a podiatric medicine and surgery residency at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, NY in 2013.

As a Podiatric Foot & Ankle Surgeon, Dr. Hasmukh is affiliated with Texas Vista Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. She performs foot and ankle diagnostic imaging, pain and mobility assessment, foot and ankle surgery, treatment of acute foot and ankle injuries and disorders as well a full range of services and in-office pain relief for a variety of minor foot and ankle disorders.

Dr. Hasmukh is proud to better serve the diverse community of San Antonio by her fluency in both English and Spanish.


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